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This month -- and year -- start out big!


Armchair is pleased to be hosting not one, but TWO Regional Championship events for Fantasy Flight Star Wars games!  On January 14 we will have the X-Wing Miniatures games Regional Championship, and this is followed two weeks later (on January 28) by the Imperial Assault Regional Championship.  Even if you don’t play, come on down and watch our best local players compete for a chance to go to the Nationals!


Another big day this month is the 15th, which will see the pre-release for Magic the Gathering Aether Revolt, as well the first HeroClix event of the new year, with some awesome prize support!  Then, at the end of the month, we’ll begin the playoffs in our fantastically-popular Blood Bowl League!


All of the usual coolness is in place for the month, too:  Monday One-Shots, Tuesday Hobby Night, Thursday Board Game night, Friday Star Wars, and weekend minis games (notably, Blood Bowl on Sundays).  No, I didn’t forget Wednesday.  We have our usual RPG night on Wednesdays, but we’ve also added open play for the hot new dice and card game: Star Wars Destiny!


As is the case with all of our events, new players are always welcome -- encouraged, even -- to join in!


But no need to wait for a specific event to come in and play!  We have plenty of open table space, so come down and see what’s going on!  Bring your friends, or make some new ones!


And be sure to keep an eye on the events calendar on this website, and check out our Facebook page, for up-to-date information.



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