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There’s something happening at The Armchair Adventurer!  With over 12 tables for open play, there’s always a great mix of games going on.  But to make it a little easier for people to find gamers of similar interests, we’ve put a bit of structure into certain nights throughout the week.


Monday.  RPG night.  We run open tables for Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society, as well as Dungeon and Dragons 5e.  In addition, we feature a different “One Shot” game every week.  This is your chance to try out a new (often off-beat) RPG system without worrying about creating and maintaining a character!


Tuesday.  Hobby night.  So many miniatures needing to be assembled and painted.  Why sit at home by yourself when you can come down and share a table (and tips) with others?   And if you want to take a break from your work grab some of the store terrain, choose a nearby table, and throw down some minis for a quick skirmish match or two!


Wednesday.  Card Game night.  Can’t wait for FNM?  Want to face opponents in Star Wars: Destiny or Legend of the Five Rings?  Or join fellow investigators in the arcane world of Arkham Horror?  From deck-building games to CCGs to LCGs, this is the night for you!


Thursday.  Board Game night.  That’s it.  If it has a board, bring it along.  That’s what everyone else does, so there’s never a shortage of cool games to play.  And you’re always free to choose something from our in-store game library.  We also have a free demo of a different board game every week!


Friday.  Star Wars night.  Epic fleet battles in space with Armada; toe-to-toe fighting in Imperial Assault; or exciting dog fights with X-Wing – the three FFG “classics” get table time every Friday night.  Alliance, Imperial, and even Scum – everyone’s welcome!


Saturday and Sunday.  Ahh, the weekend…all those hours free to spend at a game table.  There’s no specific focus on the weekend but these are usually the days when the big tabletop miniatures games get played such as Flames of War, WH40k, and Infinity.  Grab an army and come on down!


Again, even within this schedule there’s always a mix of games being played.  And we often have special events such as tournaments, Organized Play kits, and pre-releases.  But don’t wait for a specific event to come in and play.  We have plenty of table space, so come down and see what’s going on!  Bring your friends or make some new ones.  New players are always welcome -- encouraged, even -- to join in!

For up-to-date information, please check our Facebook page.


See you at The Armchair!



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