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Spring is just around the corner, but there are still a few rainy days we can spend inside playing games!


We’ve got some great events this month!  Early in the month we’ll showcase the new Munchkin game Moop’s Monster Mashup.  On the 11th, we have the Imperial Assault Q1 tournament, followed two weeks later by the Q1 tournament for X-Wing!  Near the end of the month we’ll have a casual tournament for 7 Wonders: Duel.  In addition, we’ve scheduled two HeroClix events, the first one being a marquee event for the new Deadpool set!


Our regular schedule of nightly fun continues, with Monday One-Shots, Tuesday Hobby Night, Wednesday RPGs, and Thursday Board Game Night (with a free demo of a new board game every week).


Friday night is when all the Star Wars games get played, with an Armada campaign in full swing.  Weekends see a lot of miniatures games played, and right now the Blood Bowl Blitzmania League is coming down to the playoffs!


As is the case with all of our events, new players are always welcome -- encouraged, even -- to join in!


But no need to wait for a specific event to come in and play!  We have plenty of open table space, so come down and see what’s going on!  Bring your friends, or make some new ones!


And be sure to keep an eye on the events calendar on this website, and check out our Facebook page, for up-to-date information.



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